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Heavy-Duty Distributor Europart Joins The NEXUS HD Community

The Germany-headquartered company has more than 300 sales outlets in 28 countries.


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EUROPART, a leading heavy-duty parts distributor in Europe, will join the NEXUS HD Community as from the Jan. 1, 2022.

A highly significant addition to the global alliance’s HD network, the Germany-headquartered company has more than 300 sales outlets in 28 countries.

The recruitment of EUROPART follows a rigorous and structured strategy to further develop NEXUS’s HD business and consolidates its presence in the Germany market, with the previously announced new N! HD Member KFZ24. 

NEXUS says it has worked intensively over the past year to strengthen its Heavy-Duty network. Important new members have joined from China (Jiangsu Chiata Foton Co. Ltd), Belgium (Sanders Parts), Russia (LLC “ETS” and “Kama Avto”), Bulgaria (Medina Med), South Africa (Afinta Part) and Central Asia (K2). The N! Suppliers’ portfolio also has seen important growth with the entrance of PE Automotive, Stabilus, Metelli Group, Hazet, Mobil1 and Moove. 


Janusz Zielinski, N! Global Heavy-Duty director, commented, “In addition to the extensive effort to welcome new members and distributors, we also worked to provide more services and support to the whole community. We organized many different HD and off-highway training events and developed new product lines within the N! DR!VE+ private brand, along with other NEXUS projects to better support our members and suppliers in their heavy-duty business.” 

Gael Escribe, CEO of NEXUS, said, “The heavy-duty business is growing well and becoming an increasingly important pillar for NEXUS. Our portfolio of distributors and suppliers is rich in entrepreneurial and dynamic companies, who bring innovative solutions to our community and offer expertise and knowledge to further develop the market and shape the future of the HD aftermarket.” 



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