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JohnDow Industries President Robert Christy On Perseverance

Christy was 45 years old with a family to support when he got a call that no one wants to take.

Dr. Jamie Meyer, New President of PRI

Modern-day renaissance man.

Icebreaker: Morgan Lucas

On Continuing A Family Business Culture

Man On A Mission

ASE CEO Tim Zilke talks about creating a new mission statement for the organization.

ICEBREAKER: Tammy Tecklenburg On Being A Mentor

“We all have experiences and different opportunities to share,” said Tecklenburg.

Icebreaker: Rick Guirlinger, On Hitting The Books

We talk current affairs and must-reads with our favorite aftermarket economics expert.

Icebreaker: Dick Beirne On Opportunity

“In our business, technology has not been able to unseat the personal relationship,” Beirne says.

Icebreaker: David Overbeeke On Giving

From supporting global issues such as hurricane recovery efforts, to local youth sports teams, philanthropy has been woven into the fabric of BPI’s corporate culture, according to David Overbeeke, president and CEO of Brake Parts Inc.

Icebreaker: Larry Sills On Career Success

Sills can stand up in front of a crowd and banter with the best of them, and he makes it look so easy and natural. However, it’s natural to no one, Sills says.