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The Automotive Aftermarket’s Role in a Circular Economy 

Take a deep dive into the factors driving the automotive aftermarket toward a more circular economy.

Circular economy
Dayco Initiates R&D Project on Rubber in Manufacturing

Dayco submitted an R&D project focusing on the reuse of devulcanized rubber in the design of auto parts.

Dayco rubber study R&D
Aftermarket Leaders Come Together for Sustainabili-TEA

The event focused on networking and educating show attendees about aftermarket sustainability resources.

Opportunity Ahead: EV Battery Lifecycle Management

This rise in EVs brings opportunities and challenges for aftermarket parts manufacturing and remanufacturing.

EV battery recycling
MAHLE Earns PwC’s Sustainability Reporting Award

PricewaterhouseCoopers recognized MAHLE for the completeness and materiality of its sustainability reporting.

Volvo Announces Plan to End Diesel Car Production

Diesel car production will cease in 2024 to accelerate Volvo’s shift to electric vehicles.

ESG Is a Key Directive in Sustainability Prowess

A proactive approach to ESG is becoming critical for businesses of all sizes.

How Sustainability is Driving the Future of the Aftermarket

The rise of sustainable business has hit an apex over the last decade, and more recently within the automotive aftermarket.

AAPEX 2023 Outlines Sustainability Initiatives

Initiatives include partnering with exhibitors, attendees and vendors to reduce the event’s environmental impact.

GPC Releases 2023 Sustainability Report

The new report highlights GPC’s approach to sustainability from its global operations to the communities it serves.

MEMA Announces Second Sustainability Workshop

Suppliers will be able to assess their current position and identify investments required to be more ESG-focused.

Navistar Recognizes Top Suppliers

Navistar recognized top-performing suppliers across a variety of industries in Performance and Leadership categories.