NEXEN TIRE wins Red Dot Design Award 2024

NEXEN TIRE Wins Red Dot Design Award 2024

NEXEN TIRE's N’FERA SPORT S tires won the main prize in the product design category.

NEXEN TIRE announced its N’FERA SPORT S tires won the main prize in the product design category of Germany’s Red Dot Design Award 2024.

The Red Dot Design Award is an internationally recognized design competition organized by the Design Zentrium Nordhein Westfalen of Germany. It is regarded as one of the top three global design awards, alongside the IDEA Design Awards in the United States and the iF Design Awards in Germany.

The N’FERA SPORT S is a high-performance premium tire designed for dynamic high-speed driving, with outstanding durability, handling, and braking performance, NEXEN TIRE said.

The design is optimized for the performance balance between dry and wet road surfaces using 3+1 grooves – thick vertical grooves on tire surfaces – to avoid aquaplaning and maximize dry road surface grip.

In addition, for agile handling, the stiffness of the shoulder in the outer part where load and ground are concentrated was enhanced, and high-speed steering was improved by using a wide center block, according to NEXEN TIRE. A driving direction groove chamfer (tire block corner slide design) was used to reduce abnormal wear and improve wet performance.

The use of left and right multi-treads improves high-speed durability and braking performance while also providing stable high-speed handling. Such driving performance was validated by rigorous tests at Germany’s Nürburgring, a notoriously difficult driving course, NEXEN TIRE said.

Meanwhile, the HN Replacement mark, which represents the only Korean tire company to obtain tire technology certification for replacement exclusively for the Hyundai N Brand, was imprinted on the sidewall.

“We are pleased to have won one of the world’s top three design awards, demonstrating NEXEN Tire’s design competitiveness,” said a NEXEN Tire representative. “We will continue to increase brand value through NEXEN Tire’s unique design.”

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