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Nexen Tire: Fuel-Efficient Tires Help Drivers Save on Gas

Nexen’s Roadian HTX2 highway terrain tires feature improved fuel economy thanks to low-rolling resistance.


Nexen Tire says thanks to improved tire technology in its Roadian HTX2 Highway-Terrain tires, drivers can save money at the pump.

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As gas prices continue to hover around $4 per gallon nationwide, consumers are searching for ways to help save money at the pump, Nexen Tire says. One of the ways consumers can save is by investing in a set of its fuel-efficient tires, such as Roadian HTX2 Highway-Terrain tires.

Inspired by the original Roadian HTX, Roadian HTX2 is the next generation of highway-terrain tire technology from Nexen. When compared to its predecessor, Roadian HTX2 features improved fuel economy thanks to low-rolling resistance, a key feature in designing the fuel-efficient tires. Nexen says it incorporated exclusive technical features only found on Roadian HTX2, resulting in one of the most fuel-efficient highway-terrain tires on the market today.


“Fuel-efficient tires have long been a priority at Nexen Tire, and it’s not just about saving money at the pump. There’s also a component of environmental advantages as well, and Nexen customers have the confidence of knowing their carbon footprint is being reduced because they are burning less fuel and therefore creating less emissions,” said Brian YoonSeok Han, CEO of Nexen Tire America, Inc. “Nexen offers a complete lineup of fuel-efficient, long-lasting tires that are not only capable of performing, but provide comfort and handling as well.”

Roadian HTX2 Highway-Terrain tires are available standard with Nexen Tire’s Total Coverage Warranty and are available at Nexen Tire dealers nationwide. To find the closest Nexen Tire dealer, visit the company’s online Dealer Finder.



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