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Going the Extra Mile(s) with Iridium Spark Plugs

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Advanced spark plugs designed to improve fuel efficiency in today’s engines

Helping customers choose the right spark plugs is more important than ever.

When it comes to late model vehicles in particular, shop owners and technicians understand that improvements in spark plug design, metallurgy and technology can help maximize the performance and fuel efficiency of modern engines. These are critical factors for today’s vehicle owners, especially considering the price at the gas pump.

So, what makes the right spark plug?

The answer to that question depends on the application, but for the many demands of the vehicles on the road today, one plug type checks all the important boxes.

The Iridium Difference

To get the highest level of performance out of modern engines, they need modern ignition technology.

Iridium spark plugs provide the same precision and reliability of an OE replacement plug but are engineered to maximize starting power, throttle response and fuel efficiency – meeting the performance demands of today’s most technologically advanced engines.

This advanced spark plug features an iridium center electrode which reduces gap erosion – and delivers a much longer service life – compared to standard spark plugs. Utilizing iridium also enables the spark plug to provide a focused ignition, optimal fuel efficiency and acceleration.

The strength and long-lasting power of iridium plugs combined with its enhanced ignitability create a better overall ignition profile, which is designed to draw stronger performance from the engine. As a result, customers can expect improved fuel mileage and reliability from their vehicles, which are key considerations for today’s auto owners.

Autolite® has been focused on developing spark plugs for over 85 years. We have done the research and put in the hours to enhance the performance, durability and ignitability of plugs for domestic and import engines. Autolite Iridium Ultra® spark plugs are backed by a lifetime limited warranty, giving drivers the additional assurances of high quality and reliability. Explore the benefits of our most advanced products like Iridium Ultra® spark plugs at

This article was sponsored by Autolite.


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Going the Extra Mile(s) with Iridium Spark Plugs