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As Cars Keep Aging, What Will The Future Look Like?

The big issue for the next 22 years is how sensors and software that make driving safer impact vehicle serviceability.

The Changing Vehicle Ownership Cycle

Fewer new cars and higher used car prices mean the better option may be for drivers to keep their current vehicle.

Nostalgia Can Reignite Automotive Enthusiasm

Looking back at what our heroes had to overcome can help us reignite the passion for what we can create.

Consequential Leadership

It’s about having your voice heard and taking a stand for something that could ultimately change an outcome for the better.

DIYers And The Covid Stimulus

Just about every DIYer who calls me would be better off going to a shop instead of doing it on their own.

Change: Do It Now Or You Will Miss Your Opportunity

It is time we ask ourselves questions about how we can embrace change. And now is the time to make that change.

Auto Inspection, Warranty Claims Offer Opportunity

As the economy gets back to work, the frequency of motor vehicle accidents and mechanical breakdowns will rise.

Guest Commentary: Autologue eDelivery vs. UPS, Fed Ex, USPS

Ladies and gentleman, if you are in the parts distribution business, you are in the delivery business! The good news is, we were in the delivery business before large web retailers came to fruition. So, let’s not allow them to be a disruptor in our parts business.

Auto Care Association President And CEO Bill Hanvey Addresses Data Privacy In New York Times Op-Ed Piece

Hanvey’s commentary published yesterday by The New York Times explores vehicle data collection and consumer privacy.

Opinion: Why You Should Buy A Car With Collision Avoidance Technologies

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also announced that it will soon unveil a consumer rating system for advanced driver assistance systems.

Opinion – There Is No Trough: Looking For The Sweet Spot In The Aftermarket 

Tech Group Content Director Andrew Markel writes, “I don’t think the sweet spot starts at 100,000 miles. The sweet spot has a range between 70,000 to 180,000 miles due to evolving vehicle technology and engineering. Also, this sweet spot is even sweeter than before because the parts are more high-tech, using advanced materials and are more expensive.”

Guest Commentary: The Duty Of Leadership

“A dutiful leader strives to create workplace actualization, to establish positive conditions for employees to pursue their potential. To engender a positive mindset, the duty of leadership is to set the stage for the company culture to be engaging, meaningful, caring and purposeful,” writes Passante.