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Change: Do It Now Or You Will Miss Your Opportunity

It is time we ask ourselves questions about how we can embrace change. And now is the time to make that change.


Frank is a graduate of Bowling Green State University, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising Sales and a minor in Broadcast Journalism. Frank comes to us from Marketplace Events, where he served as President of Marketing Solutions an integrated marketing firm. Prior to that role, he worked at Great Lakes Publishing, where he served as Publisher, Cleveland Magazine and Inside Business. Frank has sales and media responsibilities for the company’s Automotive Service and Management and Distribution divisions.

I’ve heard associates in business say, “We will do this when things get back to normal or the economy comes back.” “This” can be a host of potential plans, products and procedures to make more money or save money.

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Unfortunately, what was normal will be a new normal as the economy sees a resurgence in top- and bottom-line results. Therefore, they will have missed their opportunity.

I realize change is easier when times are good, but we tend to be more reluctant to make changes when our businesses are doing well. We don’t want to rock the boat or take on something that distracts us from the core business.

John Maxwell’s quote, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional,” applies in the face of tough times or in times of success. Maxwell speaks to Fortune 500 companies, the United States Military Academy at West Point and nonprofits around the world about the need to embrace change.


Based on the most recent miles driven report, for the month of June, as a country, we are only down 13% year over year. This is far better than the bottom we experienced in April, which was down 39.8% compared to 2019. Change is happening.

It is time we ask ourselves questions about how we can embrace change. How am I going to gain more market share? How can I better advertise my business? What product or software can I purchase that will make my business money or reduce costs? What training will bring in more customers? How can I get repeat business by bringing in a new service?


Now is the time to make a change.



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