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The Herman Trend Alert: Companies Challenged To Identify ‘HIPOs’

A “HIPO” is a high-potential employee, usually defined as “top talent” or an employee in the top 5 percent of team members in an organization.

Guest Commentary: Memories Of Wertman’s

Continuing our article series from Schwartz Advisors, Managing Partner Derek Kaufman compares and contrasts an old-school hardware store from his childhood against the robotic and efficient modern stocking methods we are seeing today and in the future of auto parts retailing.

Guest Commentary: Does Anyone Remember The Art Of Conversation?

“It appears that we are expecting more from technology and less from each other, which should concern all of us,” writes Dr. John Passante in his latest guest commentary.

Guest Commentary: AV Scenarios – A Game For All People In The Auto Aftermarket

Following up on his Jan. 30 editorial on Augmented and Virtual Reality, Schwartz Advisors Managing Partner Derek Kaufman outlines in this guest commentary a few very plausible scenarios for implementing AV in the automotive world here and now.

Guest Editorial: What A Broken Ankle Taught Me About The Potential Of Self-Driving Cars

Kathy Winter is vice president and general manager of the Automated Driving Division at Intel Corporation. She joined Intel in 2016 from Delphi, where she engineered the first cross-country drive of a fully autonomous vehicle. This is the first in an occasional series of Intel newsroom editorials related to autonomous driving.

AMN To Present Article Series From Schwartz Advisors

Articles for this new series will range from such topics as autonomous vehicles and virtual reality to distribution and inventory management. The guest commentaries will be authored by Pete Kornafel, a partner with SA, and Derek Kaufman, a managing partner in the business.