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Guest Commentary: When Will Electric Cars Take Over the Roads?

Out of 1 billion cars in the world, only 2 million are electric. However, that will soon change as costs diminish and more governments encourage the adoption of electric vehicles to cut carbon emissions and fight urban pollution.

Guest Commentary: Stop Trying To Do Too Much

In this hyper-aware, hyper-competitive world in which we’ve found ourselves, I’d like everyone to do one huge thing: less.

Guest Commentary: Can You Make Your Competition Raise Their Prices?

For some time in my younger years, I took martial arts. Aside from showing up and yelling a lot, you were expected to listen. And practice and practice and practice.

Op-Ed Makes Case For Choosing Technical School Over Four-Year University

Before shipping their kids off to a four-year university to earn a liberal arts degree, parents might want to consider reading a recent op-ed in the Houston Business Journal.

Publisher’s Perspective: ‘Does Not Bother Me None’ – Until It Affects Me, That Is!

Now is the time for us in the automotive aftermarket to speak up about data. The industry had to fight for more than a decade to get ‘Right to Repair’ passed. Now is the time to start this battle before existing practices become accepted as business as usual.

The Herman Trend Alert: Employee Engagement Today And Tomorrow

People want to know where they stand – at all times. Unfortunately, even in the best-scoring organizations, only 80 percent of the employees said they received regular feedback from their managers.

Guest Commentary: When Will You Be Ready To Get In A Driverless Car?

In this commentary from Intel Corp., Jack Weast, a senior principal engineer and the chief systems architect for Intel’s Autonomous Driving Group, discusses the difference between the theory and practice of autonomous vehicle technology.

Guest Commentary: The Millennials Are Here – Are We Ready?

As a person who endorses the philosophy that in life and in business it is important to value the differences in people, I am intrigued by the impact that the millennials are making.

How Is Your Organization’s ‘Curiosity Quotient?’

“Collaborative curiosity with an approach that is open to creative change can result in innovation and creative solutions in today’s complex world,” writes Dr. Passante in this latest guest commentary.

Herman Trend Alert: 3-D Imaging Through Walls

Wi-Fi is already almost everywhere. Imagine being able to focus Wi-Fi signals to create holograms? It sounds like science fiction, but that is just what two German researchers could accomplish.

Guest Commentary: The Magic Of Feet On The Street

According to James Borg, human communication consists of 93 percent body language and paralinguistic clues, while only 7 percent consists of our words. Our body language speaks louder than our words. The automotive aftermarket was built, in my opinion, on face-to-face communications which resulted in strong relationships.

Guest Commentary: How Far Can You See?

As we continue our bi-weekly article series from Schwartz Advisors (SA), today we hear from longtime industry veteran Pete Kornafel, partner at SA. In his guest commentary, Kornafel talks about the improvements that could potentially result from better supply chain visibility.