Welcome to the Schwartz Advisors Report!

Welcome to the Schwartz Advisors Report!

Watch episode 1 in which CEO Rick Schwartz discusses the reason why private equity entered the automotive aftermarket.

Welcome to episode one of the Schwartz Advisors Report from AftermarketNews! In this series, the Schwartz Advisors team will dig deep into one trending topic around growth and M&A in the automotive aftermarket in one video interview and one column per month exclusively on AftermarketNews.com.

Our first episode features Rick Schwartz, co-founder, managing partner and CEO of Schwartz Advisors, who discusses private equity in the industry and why PE firms are interested in the automotive aftermarket. Schwartz also delves into Schwartz Advisors’ recent Automotive Service Summit, co-hosted with Piper Sandler, an investment banking firm.

The Automotive Service Summit joined private equity and aftermarket leaders for a one-day seminar delving into industry trends in various aftermarket segments, AI in auto service, franchising and so much more. Rick shares with who attended the summit and his key takeaways from industry leaders.

The Schwartz Advisors Report from AftermarketNews is presented by Schwartz Advisors, M&A and business growth consultants for the light vehicle and heavy-duty aftermarket. To learn more, visit schwartzadvisors.com.

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