Consolidation Trends in the Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket

Consolidation Trends in the Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket

Brian Cruickshank, partner at Schwartz Advisors, shares why investors are increasingly eyeing this side of the industry.

In the automotive aftermarket, the light vehicle and heavy-duty sides are often split, and for good reason. However, one thing both sides of the aftermarket have in common is consolidation on the distributor and retail level and large players that are making these deals happen.

In this episode of The Schwartz Advisors Report from aftermarketNews, Brian Cruickshank, partner at Schwartz Advisors, gives us an overview of the commercial vehicle aftermarket, the big heavy-duty consolidators and why investors are increasingly eyeing this side of the industry.


  • The lure of the heavy-duty aftermarket for investors (0:50)
  • Consolidators in the commercial vehicle aftermarket (2:12)
  • Similarities between the light vehicle and commercial vehicle aftermarket (3:12)
  • The pace of acquisitions on the heavy-duty side and who is making those acquisitions (4:08)

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