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The Shot NOT Heard Around the World

Thanks to the EU, eFuels have the potential to open a host of ICE solutions for our carbon-neutral future.

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Guest Commentary: SA Perspective – 5 Things To Consider, And 2 To Avoid Before Investing In the Automotive Aftermarket

Schwartz Advisors Managing Partner Derek Kaufman poses important questions an investor should consider before buying an aftermarket business.

Guest Commentary: That’s It. We’re Done. Nice To Know You.

A recent report by the Bay Area think tank RethinkX, titled, “Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030,” has been picked up by numerous news organizations. It’s a report sure to concern the automotive industry and especially potential investors in the automotive aftermarket. We believe the report warrants some careful analysis.

Guest Commentary: Don’t We All Need A Personal Automotive Assistant?

What will a future conversation with your car sound like? There’s a high chance that it will go beyond just reporting the weather.

Guest Commentary: Will It Go Round In Circles?

Amazon’s market cap is $434 billion. Walmart’s is $222 billion. Amazon’s market cap is, in fact, more than Walmart, Costco, Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s … combined. What could that mean for the automotive aftermarket?

Guest Commentary: ‘BMT’ – The New Automotive Acronym

“The fact is, we live in an industry where the new acronyms of emerging technologies are defining the future of aftermarket service and we have two ways to think about them – we can harness the power they represent and use that power to build new sales opportunities, or we can ignore the acronyms and become victims of the change they are introducing,” writes Derek Kaufman of Schwartz Advisors.