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Weighing the Value of AI Recruiting

Studies show audio and video interviews work to avoid bias and help employers to hire a more diverse workforce.

Abundant Computing

Infinite computing eliminates the cost of making errors (by vaporizing the mistakes) and democratizes experimentation.

Epicor To Debut 2 New Data Analytics Solutions At AAPEX

New analytics designed to help parts distributors, service chains achieve world-class service and operational levels.

Brembo Unveils Sensify

​​The new intelligent braking system integrates artificial intelligence to offer a unique driving experience.

Mitchell, Inspektlabs Now Offer AI-Generated Appraisals

Insurers can now use Mitchell Intelligent Estimating with AI from Inspektlabs to automate and expedite the auto claims handling process.

LKQ North America Partners With Tractable

Partnership aims to accelerate auto parts recycling and distribution with artificial intelligence.

Developing Employees With Positive Digital Experiences

Imagine as a leader having an always-on, alter ego there to develop your direct reports.

Toyota, Stanford Announce Dynamic Design Lab Study

Research looks into how to combine the instincts of professional drivers and automated driving technology.

Goodyear, SafeAI Partner On Autonomous Heavy Equipment

The companies will exchange site data to protect tire health, eliminate downtime and contribute to smarter, safer standards.

Nexen Tire Using AI To Reduce Tire Noise

Real-world testing methodology using AI technology creates quieter, more environment-friendly tires for consumers.

Hankook Tire Introduces Artificial Intelligence For Compound Development

Hankook Tire is planning to expand the technology to the entire process of developing tires that range from material selection, design, tire test, production including mass production.

The Herman Trend Alert: Robotics – The AI Future Is Now

By 2020, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to produce revenue of $258 billion USD; by 2025, that figure will be a trillion dollars. And not long after, robotics and AI will become the largest global industry.