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Audio Interview: Global Outlook On Human Adoption And Ownership Of Autonomous Vehicles

This 23-minute interview features Frederic John, a consultant and business developer at London-based Neckermann Strategic Advisors.

Advertisement’s latest Audio Interview, “Global Outlook on Human Adoption and Ownership of Autonomous Vehicles” features Frederic John. John is a consultant and business developer at Neckermann Strategic Advisors, a London-based practice with a focus on emerging new mobility trends and their strategic impact. He is a private pilot, passionate about innovation and mobility. He advises on a strategic-level mobility corporations and start-ups to understand and integrate the Mobility Revolution. His mission is to transform cities and mobility to move toward the “Three Zeroes”— zero emissions, zero accidents, zero ownership. Innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship are the keywords driving his motivation to move people efficiently within urban areas.

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In the 23-minute audio interview, John discusses these questions:

  • Why is this study important? What is the story behind this piece of research?
  • 75% of negative perception is a lot, can you tell us more about this result and what do you think are the root causes?
  • What should we do to communicate and educate people then?
  • Maybe there are some ideas to have people onboard?
  • You said that over 60% of the people would prefer to own their AV, can you please elaborate a bit more on this fact?
  • What are your next steps after this study?

John also is the co-author of the study “Being Driven, a study on human adoption and ownership of autonomous vehicles,” which aims to put the focus on people rather than technology, infrastructure and regulation. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Engineering, specializing in Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship from UMons and an MBA from Imperial College London Business School. He is fluent in French and English and also speaks some Spanish and Dutch.

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