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Baidu Becomes First in China to Offer Driverless Airport Rides

Baidu’s Apollo Go autonomous ride-hailing platform is a step toward driverless airport transportation in China.

Survey: 70% of Drivers Uncomfortable with Self-Driving Cars

In the survey, 90% of respondents strongly believed autonomous cars should always have a human backup driver.

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TuSimple Receives Fully Driverless Test License in China

TuSimple says it is among the first to be awarded.

May Mobility Launches Autonomous Public Transit Service 

This will be Arizona’s first on-demand autonomous public transit service for the 55+ community.

Perrone Robotics, Sustainability Partners Team Up on AVs

Perrone says it will be fielding multiple AVs based on GreenPower Motor Company’s EV-Star mini E-bus in Hawaii.

Ipsos Research: Consumers Prefer EVs Over AVs

Almost half of drivers (49%) said they’re interested in an EV, only 31% would be interested in a fully autonomous car.

Baidu Unveils Next-Gen Autonomous Vehicle

The Apollo RT6, set to be released in China in 2023, integrates Baidu’s most advanced L4 autonomous driving system.

Stellantis Makes Investment in Global Testing Hubs

These investments expand Stellantis’ global capability to engineer the future of mobility.

Flying Taxi Cabs in the Near Future? 

Thanks to a $6M NASA grant, a mechanical science and engineering professor is working to make flying taxi cabs a reality.

UK’s First Autonomous Bus Hits Scotland Roads

Road testing will take place over the next two weeks to prepare for the late summer launch of the CAVForth pilot service.

UK’s Project ENCODE Demos Manual-to-Autonomous Operation

ENCODE demonstrates cyber-secure vehicle operations swapping control from manual to autonomous and remote teleoperation.

Perrone Robotics, Roush Scale Production for AVs

Repeatable, best-in-class process will support Perrone’s global large-scale deployments.