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An Important Step Toward Quiet Mobility

Acoustic valves are a key component for adherence to the future standard for acoustics legislation in Europe.


The third phase of the acoustics legislation valid in Europe comes into force in 2024. This will once again significantly reduce the limit value for noise emissions in road traffic. Acoustic valves are a key component for adherence to the future standard. The mechatronic valves from Eberspaecher impress automobile manufacturers with their performance and flexibility. Serial production of the new generation starts at the technology plants. 

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With a view to the future acoustics legislation in Europe, the automotive industry requires reliable solutions to further reduce engine noise. With the mechatronic Acoustic Valve Generation 2 (AVG2), Eberspaecher is offering an efficient, compact and lightweight solution. For automobile manufacturers, the valve technology from the exhaust-technology specialists who are headquartered in Esslingen, Germany, is an important key component for adhering to the upcoming noise limit.

Infinite, Active Control
Compared to the previous model, the AVG2 acoustic valve is one third lighter and resistant to temperatures up to 750°C. Thanks to the electric control, the valve plate can be infinitely adjusted and enables active modification to a wide range of driving profiles. At low speeds, e.g. in city traffic, the valve plate routes the exhaust gas all the way through the silencer and minimizes engine noise. Whereas, they open at higher speeds during cross-country and freeway journeys. The backpressure is reduced for the engine. This decreases the fuel consumption and thus CO2 and other emissions. If necessary, the silencer volume can be constructively reduced by up to 30 percent. Thus, it requires less installation space in the exhaust system while providing a similar attenuation. 

Development And Series Production Under One Roof
The mechatronic acoustic valves and related processes are developed internally at Eberspaecher. Series production takes place exclusively at the company’s own technology plants. On-site experts have redefined the technical production processes especially for this product line. Innovative laser-welding processes are being introduced. This once again strengthens Eberspaecher’s position as a system supplier for the complete cold end of the exhaust system. The advantage for the customer is obvious: The components of the entire system can be precisely aligned with one another directly at the supplier. 


Expansion Of The Product Portfolio 
Based on expertise surrounding the mechatronic AVG2 valves for passenger cars, Eberspaecher is planning to expand the entire range of acoustic valves. The specialists in exhaust technology and acoustic solutions are transferring their know-how in valve technology to the commercial vehicle application area. Furthermore, in future they will broaden the product portfolio for emission-reducing valves. Eberspaecher is thus systematically pursuing its claim to shape clean and quiet mobility of the future with efficient exhaust aftertreatment and acoustic solutions. 



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