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NEXUS Automotive International Unveils Plans For ‘Shaping The Future’ At Annual Business Forum

The forum, which attracted more than 500 business leaders from around the world, kicked-off with reflections of the past five years, with N! members, suppliers and team members invited on stage to discuss the “DNA” of NEXUS.


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NEXUS (N!) Automotive International recently held its 2019 NEXUS Business Forum in Abu Dhabi, where the global alliance celebrating its fifth anniversary and announced several key objectives for shaping the future of the aftermarket.

The forum, which attracted more than 500 business leaders from around the world, kicked-off with reflections of the past five years, with N! members, suppliers and team members invited on stage to discuss the “DNA” of NEXUS.

NEXUS Chairman Akram Shahrour opened proceedings, remarking, “From a humble start five years ago in a small hotel in Geneva we launched NEXUS. Today NEXUS is successful, with a footprint in six continents. We have come a long way.”

Among the contributors were Gerson Prado of SK Automotive, Claudie Cahart, of ID Rechange, Peter Sephton, of founder member The Parts Alliance, Sam Wong, of G-Part, Dinesh of TVS Automobile Solutions, James Zhang, NEXUS Business Developer in China, and Alexandra Song and Yannick Decurnex, also of NEXUS Automotive International.

The NEXUS Business Forum 2019 was hosted under the theme of “Shaping the Future.” NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe revealed that over the next five years N! plans to significantly scale-up its successful training and skills program, declaring education as a “prime responsibility” for the global alliance.


Also, while celebrating major success in countries such as Brazil and China, NEXUS announced that it plans to further deepen its focus on fast-emerging markets where the “reservoir for growth is tremendous,” said Escribe.

He also highlighted the multi-channel approach being taken in China, where a partnership has been established with leading e-commerce company JD.Com. China could be considered an “aftermarket lab” for the N! community, because of the expected growth in this market, said Escribe.

Finally, Escribe announced that NEXUS was exploring the possibility of becoming a semi-transactional organization, with concrete initiatives being investigated with a number of progressive suppliers.

“This was the biggest N! Business Forum to date and, perhaps, the most exciting,” said Escribe. “To attract so many senior representatives from the most prestigious companies in the aftermarket shows how NEXUS has established itself as a serious player on the global stage.

“It is such a pleasure for the NEXUS team to be able to bring together so many N! members and suppliers from around the world and, working with the N! Community, be a driving force for change. That is why we define NEXUS not as an ITG but as an IBD – an international business driver.”


The N! Business Forum 2019 also featured the first N! Business Forum Truck event, dedicated to the heavy-duty sector, with N! Heavy Duty Business Developer Janusz Zielinski announcing that N! Heavy Duty planned to be a global leader in the truck market within the next three years.

He also revealed the launch of N! Truck Road Assistance, which will provide 24/7 support for truck drivers in case of an accident or breakdown, along with an N! Truck Road Assistance app.

The four-day event also saw thousands of speed-date business meetings being held for N! members and suppliers along with the presentation of a number of awards:

Annual business awards

o   N! Member of the Year 2018, G-PART (China)

o   N! Supplier of the Year 2018, SCHAEFFLER 

Inaugural Heavy Duty Awards

o   N! Heavy Duty Member of the Year 2018, VIPAR (US)

o   N! Heavy Duty Supplier of the Year 2018, KNORR-BREMSE

Five-Year Growth Accelerator Awards, 2014-2018

o   Best N! Member, THE PARTS ALLIANCE (UK)

o   Best N! Supplier, BOSCH,

o   Best CEO of N! Supplier, Jacques Aschenbroich of VALEO


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