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MEYLE And T3 Motorsport Strengthen Their Partnership

MEYLE will continue supporting the T3 Motorsport team as a technical cooperation partner.


Many areas of public life are currently facing significant uncertainty, including economics and sports. As reliable partners are essential in challenging times like these, support and partnership are more valuable than ever: Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE and the T3 Motorsport racing team from Dresden, Germany, are continuing their partnership. To ensure that fans of motorsports can join their favorite sport, the two partners have also launched the virtual MEYLE Sprint Cup.

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Although it is not yet possible to physically participate in motorsport, MEYLE will continue in supporting the T3 Motorsport team as a technical cooperation partner. MEYLE engineers will continue to combine product development with their passion for motorsports, focusing on the transfer of technical know-how. 

“Especially in times like these, it’s important to work together and underline the strength of our partnership,” said Stefan Bachmann, team leader of the MEYLE Brake and Drivetrain Product Area.

Partnership On All Levels  

A particular strength, that defines the partnership between T3 Motorsport and MEYLE, is promoting young talent. At MEYLE, training and professional development have always played a central role, both for the company employees as well as for customers and workshops. “We are glad to have found a partner like T3 that brings the same enthusiasm and philosophy like MEYLE to support young talents,” said André Lang-Herfurth, head of marketing and communication at MEYLE. Young T3 drivers like Max Paul benefit from the technical expertise of the MEYLE engineers. In addition to the analysis of countless data sets, the MEYLE experts also are available for personal consultation following individual racing sessions. 


Sim Racing Series: MEYLE Sprint Cup            

Partnerships and enthusiasm for motorsports look different during the times of the coronavirus. As “real” racing is not possible at the moment, the two partners have now launched the MEYLE Sprint Cup, a sim racing series that allows motorsport fans to test themselves on five tracks as part of virtual races. These races are broadcasted live via YouTube and Twitch, among other platforms. There is a total of 40 starting spots available for the MEYLE Sprint Cup, which will be allocated as part of qualifying. To participate in the Cup, a nominal fee of 20 euros is required, following successful qualification. A 500-euro MEYLE voucher as well as other cash prizes await the winners. 


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Jens Feucht, managing director of T3 Motorsport GmbH, is excited about this unique opportunity: “Sim racing has become a permanent feature in the world of motorsports. Our drivers have already been training with racing simulation as the data are extremely realistic. Even in virtual racing, the team has to work together and use tactics just like in the real-world sport. The MEYLE Sprint Cup combines virtual and real motor sports.”


A long tradition of motor sport enthusiasm  

The connection of MEYLE with motor sports has a long-standing tradition. The company’s founder Wulf Gaertner was a passionate racing driver himself: In 1958 he laid the foundation for an export business through the import of high-quality spare parts for his racing car from Germany. This is just another reason why racing and the partnership with T3 Motorsport will remain an important aspect of the company’s dedication, according to MEYLE.



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