Hitachi Astemo, Trend Micro, VicOne Collab on Connected Cars

Hitachi Astemo, Trend Micro, VicOne Collab on Connected Cars

The companies are aiming for commercialization by 2025.

Hitachi Astemo, Ltd., Trend Micro Inc. and its subsidiary VicOne Inc. have expanded their collaboration to provide security solutions for connected cars, aiming for commercialization by 2025.

Hitachi Astemo’s division that develops in-vehicle components for connected cars has been working with Trend Micro on the joint development of security solutions for connected cars(1) since October 2021(2). Currently, Hitachi Astemo, Trend Micro and VicOne will expand collaboration on security solutions for the in-vehicle side of the business. The collaboration will combine Hitachi Astemo’s Edge-SIEM(3) security solution for automobiles with Trend Micro and VicOne’s xCarbon(4) embedded security solution for in-vehicles, and will provide security solutions to detect and mitigate cyber attacks and their risks to connected cars on the in-vehicle side by 2025, the companies say.

Specifically, xCarbon protects information-related ECUs(5) from cyber attacks, including devices that communicate over the Internet (TCU(6)) installed in vehicles and information systems (IVI(7)) with embedded high-performance OS such as car navigation systems. xCarbon detects and blocks, in real time, attacks that exploit vulnerabilities, communications with command and control (C&C) servers(8) that are remotely controlled by cyber attackers, communications used by malware, and unauthorized file rewriting, Hitachi Astemo says.

In addition, by placing Edge-SIEM in the central gateway, which is responsible for the central communication control of the vehicle network, log information such as gas and brake pedal operation and car navigation system manipulation is collected from each control ECU and information ECU to monitor the behavior of the entire vehicle system, according to Hitachi Astemo.

Edge-SIEM monitors and determines suspicious behavior in the vehicle, including braking and accelerating, and immediately notifies V-SOC(9), the automaker’s security monitoring center, if there is a possibility of a cyber attack. At this time, xCarbon functions as a security sensor for Edge-SIEM and provides the security logs of information ECUs such as TCU and IVI to Edge-SIEM. By collecting information, making decisions, and notifying in the vehicle, xCarbon reduces the monitoring burden on the V-SOC, blocks attacks in real time, and supports early response to cyber-attacks.


(1) October 19, 2021 announcement regarding the joint development of security solutions for connected cars.
(2) During this period, the Division in question had been temporarily transferred to Hitachi, Ltd.
(3) SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) centrally manages and analyzes IT equipment logs to detect problematic threats. Edge-SIEM plays the role of SIEM at the periphery (Edge) of the in-vehicle network. At the time of the October 19, 2021 announcement, this intrusion detection system was called an “IDS” (Intrusion Detection System) and it had been further enhanced as the Edge-SIEM.
(4) xCarbon is a solution that detects and prevents abnormal communication and unauthorized access.
(5) ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is a generic name for a computer that controls the systems built into automobiles using electronic circuits.
(6) TCU (Telematics Control Unit) is a communication module that can be connected to mobile communication networks.
(7) IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) is a device that provides information and entertainment needed by the driver and passengers.
(8) Command and control (C&C) servers are command servers that control bot networks for cyber attackers to issue commands to malware and receive stolen information.
(9) V-SOC (Vehicle Security Operation Center): An organization that detects and analyzes cyber attacks on vehicles and takes countermeasures.

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