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GRI Awarded Best Exporter Of Rubber Products

The company was recognized as the Best Exporter in 2019-20 and 2020-21 by the Export Development Board (EDB) of Sri Lanka.


GRI was recognized as the Best Exporter of Rubber Products at the Presidential Export Awards for the second consecutive year at a distinguished event held recently in Sri Lanka. In the true spirit of entrepreneurship, Global Rubber Industries (GRI) continues to push the envelope across its global markets notwithstanding the challenges posed by the unprecedented crisis that we witnessed in real life. Thus, the accolade received in recognition of GRI’s commitment and persevering spirit has indeed been inspirational. 

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“The GRI team, well patronaged by its committed customers across the global markets have been able to generate unparalleled growth that has brought tangible results to Sri Lanka from many dimensions. This includes, earning valuable foreign exchange for Sri Lanka, harnessing the potential of human capital deployed in our manufacturing operations, and making Sri Lanka proud by creating a global brand of high-performance speciality off-road tires made in Sri Lanka,” said Dr. Mahesha Ransoma, CEO of GRI.

GRI stated that it is indeed a humbling moment for the company’s Sri Lankan and Global Teams to be recognized as the Best Exporter in 2019-20 and 2020-21 by the Export Development Board (EDB) of Sri Lanka and thereby to be the recipient of the Presidential Award for the second consecutive year. This award will further reinforce the commitment of GRI to be a global leader in the specialty tire industry and strive toward greater heights. 


Founded in 2002 by Prabhash Subasinghe, managing director, GRI produces high-grade material handling solid tires, radial agriculture tires, and construction tires. GRI has operations in nine countries, and a business presence in more than 50 countries. Since 2018, GRI has been advancing in the expansion of its specialty tire production plants and tire compound mixing facilities in Sri Lanka as well as its operations overseas. GRI ensures its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection throughout its operations both locally and globally.



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