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Dana Introduces Brevini S-Series Gearboxes

Each gearbox is customized for biogas production and wastewater treatment applications.


Dana has announced the launch of Brevini S-Series industrial planetary gearboxes specifically engineered to address the durability and reliability requirements of biogas production and wastewater treatment facilities.

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Available now, Brevini S-Series gearboxes with maximum output torque up to 290 kNm are customized to drive the mixing systems used in digesters to facilitate heat transfer and keep temperatures uniform for the production of fuel-quality biogases.

Brevini S-Series gearboxes have been installed in hundreds of biogas plants throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific region over the past 10 years. They are configured with water- and corrosion-resistant seals to propel drag chains and flights in the sedimentation tanks of wastewater treatment plants, and they meet strict international standards for preventing the ignition of flammable gases.

Providing maximum output torques of up to 140 kNm, Brevini S-Series gearboxes for wastewater treatment plants are custom-built with corrosion-resistant designs, special seals allowing for continuous submersion, and a high reduction range for improved torque.


“Dana has made a deep, robust commitment to supporting environmental responsibility in our operations, supply chain, and the products we create,” said Jeroen Decleer, senior vice president, Off-Highway Drive and Motion Systems for Dana Incorporated. “Brevini S-Series gearboxes contribute to our sustainability initiatives by playing an integral role in the production of renewable biogases that reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.”

Dana engineers and produces Brevini S-Series gearboxes at technology centers in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and Yancheng, China. Dana’s resources in China strategically support the country’s movement toward sustainability, which includes a predicted tenfold increase in biogas production volumes over the next decade according to China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDC). This growth will be further propelled by initiatives promoting energy autonomy and greenhouse gas reduction outlined in China’s 14th Five-Year Plan adopted in March.


Robust Performance for the World’s Most Demanding Industrial Applications For more than 20 years, Brevini S-Series planetary gearboxes have delivered compact, high-torque performance in a variety of heavy-duty applications, including industrial and port lifting equipment, mixers, extruders, conveyors, industrial grain mills and grinders, pulp and paper mills, sheet metal and rod production, steel mills, sugar and edible oil processing, and crushing plants for quarries and mines.

The gearboxes provide space and weight savings of up to 60 percent when compared with traditional helical solutions. They offer nominal torque ratings ranging from 16kNm to 2,170 kNm, as well as maximum output torque from 75 kNm to 5,170kNm. In extremely high-power applications, Brevini S-Series planetary gearboxes can be packaged with Brevini bevel-helical gearboxes in complete, fully customizable solutions.
Enhanced bearing load capacities maximize the gear performance of the gearboxes, and their modular designs facilitate customization with a standardized portfolio of optional components such as auxiliary cooling devices, forced lubrication, and filtering systems.


Brevini S-Series gearboxes accommodate hydraulic or electric input motors, and they can be configured for a wide range of ratios and outputs. They are designed to address common standards including the International Organization for Standardization and the American Gear Manufacturers Association, which further positions them to meet numerous other third-party certifications. Additionally, the gearboxes are type-approved for lifting applications with DNV.

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