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Autopromotec Presents ‘Operation Business And Leisure’

During the event in Bologna next May, attendees will have the opportunity to network while exploring the region.


Event organizers for Autopromotec 2022 say the event will not be limited to the exhibition. In order to encourage participation of international buyers, organizers of the international exhibition of the automotive aftermarket have created the operation “Business and Leisure.” During the days of the exhibition (May 25-28, 2022), in addition to presenting their innovations, exhibitors will have the chance to introduce to their clients to the history, art and culture of the Motor Valley region, thanks to a series of packages suitable to meet curiosity, passions and different interests. With the operation “Business and Leisure” Autopromotec offers their exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to combine business, culture and leisure. 


“Business and Leisure” packages for lovers of the engines

The Ducati Experience offers the opportunity to visit both the Ducati Museum and the Ducati Factory. The visit to the Museum starts from the origin of the company, going deeply into its evolution and the people that made it famous, allowing visitors to admire the most symbolic models and going through the most significant milestones, starting from street bikes to race bikes. Equally fascinating is the part devoted to racers, with the display of trophies and racing suits of great champions. The Lamborghini Experience consists in visiting the Mudetec Museum (Museum of Technologies), where it will be possible to admire the first creations of the founder Ferruccio Lamborghini, up to the super cars such as Miura, Countach, Diablo, Gallardo and the most recent Aventador and Huracán. In addition to admiring Lamborghini cars, visitors will have the opportunity to drive one of the vehicles on display, thanks to the interactive experience made possible with the support of the Virtual Reality. To conclude the tour, participants will be given the opportunity to see production lines. 


But not only motors: during Autopromotec there will be the opportunity to take guided tours in Bologna – whose porticoes recently became UNESCO world heritage site – among museums, art and culinary culture. For those preferring the seaside, there will be the opportunity to visit and spend a few days in the “Riviera Romagnola.” 

For more information please refer to T.E.S. Top Entretien Service Agency, email: [email protected]

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