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Alfa e-Parts Announces Pressure Sensor Release

The new BBB Europe brand of electrical and electronic components offers 217 pressure sensor part numbers.


BBB Industries’ Alfa e-Parts, a new brand of electrical and electronic components for the automotive industry, announced the release of 217 pressure sensors. This range, which joins the companies offering of almost 100 products, includes intake manifold pressure sensors, boost pressure sensors, air pressure sensors (for altitude control), and intake air temperature and pressure sensors.


Alfa e-Parts says the new pressure sensor line has applications for more than 60 vehicle brands, and covers 33,604 different applications.

The company adds that extensive testing has been carried out on its pressure sensors, including vibration tests, humidity and temperature tests, thermal shock from -40º to 120ºC, and high and low pressure operation, ensuring its products are comparable in quality to OE.

Alfa e-Parts says it also plans to launch new part numbers in the near future.



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