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NPW Acquires Hi Tech Auto Parts in North Miami

The company also has been rebranded Johnny’s Auto Parts.


NPW, now in its new facility in Miami, Florida, has announced its second acquisition and expansion in South Florida in 2022 with the addition of Hi Tech Auto Parts.


The deal closed on Sept. 12 and the location has been re-named to Johnny’s Auto Parts. It is the second store to be branded as Johnny’s Auto Parts by NPW in South Florida.

Johnny’s Auto Parts is known for having great inventory, free delivery, machine shop services and will be expanding their ability to better serve installers in the North Miami area.

Johnny’s Auto Parts #2 will fly the Auto Value banner.

From NPW we have these words from Chris Pacey, NPW’s COO and Executive VP; 

“We are glad to have Hi Tech under the NPW umbrella,” said Chris Pacey, NPW’s chief operating officer and executive vice president. “We have the original Johnny’s Auto Parts, the highest-volume independent parts store in the Southeast and to create, maintain and expand this well-known brand, we chose to expand on that name. So, we called this location Johnny’s Auto Parts #2. We look forward to working with the great people that Hi Tech has brought along and expand the business.”



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