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Japanese-Brand Automakers Demonstrate Strong Commitment To American Workers, Communities

JAMA’s new report shows record-high employment and continued investment in U.S. manufacturing.


The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association U.S. office (JAMA USA) has released its 2018-‘19 Annual Contributions Report, “JAMA IN AMERICA: A Strong Commitment to Manufacturing & the American Workforce.” The report reveals how the $48.3 billion in cumulative U.S. manufacturing investment by Japanese-brand automakers continues to strengthen the American auto industry, local economies across the country and the American economy as a whole, according to JAMA.


“Our new data affirms Japanese-brand automakers’ extensive and sustained commitment to strengthening the U.S. auto industry and the broader economy,” said Manny Manriquez, general director of JAMA USA. “In 2017, JAMA members built nearly 3.8 million vehicles and 4.4 million engines in the United States, directly supporting nearly 93,000 jobs across the country in communities like Lafayette, Indiana; Marysville, Ohio; San Antonio, Texas; and Smyrna, Tennessee.”

“The U.S. auto industry is a crucial factor in the success of the U.S. economy,” added Manriquez, “and our members continue to invest in their manufacturing operations as well as their workforce and the communities that support them. From new manufacturing investments underway in Alabama and West Virginia to technical training initiatives and educational grants, JAMA members and their local communities are working to strengthen American manufacturing.”


Below are some key data points from the report:

  • 2017 cumulative U.S. manufacturing investment (USD) $48.3 billion
  • Vehicle production in the U.S. (units) 3,773,993
  • Engine production in the U.S. (units) 4,413,074
  • U.S. parts purchases (USD) $70.4 billion
  • Exports from U.S. plants (units) 423,415
  • Number of U.S. employees:

o   Manufacturing 65,526

o   R&D/Design 5,759

o   Headquarters, Sales & Others 21,425

o   Total Direct U.S. Employment 92,710

To read and download the full report, click here.



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