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Japanese-Brand Automakers in US: $60.4B in Plants, 2.29M Jobs

New data highlights Japanese-brand automakers’ contributions to the U.S. economy and workforce.

New Data Shows Japanese Automakers’ Investment in America

Japanese-brand automakers have invested more than $57 billion in their U.S. manufacturing facilities.

Japanese-brand Automakers Celebrate Their Enduring Partnerships Across America

New report highlights $51 billion in U.S. manufacturing investment and more than 93,000 direct U.S. jobs.

New Study Shows Japanese-Brand Automakers Generate 1.52M Jobs in U.S. As Part Of Decades-long Commitment

Notably, this latest report shows continued growth in direct, dealer network, intermediate and spin-off employment nationwide.

Japanese-Brand Automakers Demonstrate Strong Commitment To American Workers, Communities

JAMA’s new report shows record-high employment and continued investment in U.S. manufacturing.