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GRI Introduces New Specialty Tires

GRI introduced new tire sizes and patterns recently to cater to the growing requirements of their global customers.


With increasing demand in the agricultural and construction tire segments, GRI introduced new tire sizes and patterns recently to cater to the growing requirements of their global customers. 


In the agricultural tire segment, GREEN XLR 95, which is a radial tire for row crop and spraying applications was introduced in the new size 230/95R32. The tire is made using cut and wear-resistant compounds, which increase productivity and ensures an extensive tire life. The rounded shoulder of the tire minimizes field and crop damage, and the inter lug mud breakers provide excellent self-cleaning. 

In the GREEN EX series, several different sizes were introduced. GREEN EX RT100 is a bias tire built for tractors and the new size offered is 23.1-26. This tire is designed for soil preparation and spraying applications. The dual-angle lug design provides all-around capabilities in on and off-road applications. The strong nylon casing offers better power transmission, and the higher number of lugs provides higher traction and stability. GREEN EX FT 1 has been introduced in sizes 6.00-19 and 7.50-20 respectively. Being a bias tire for tractors, its optimized rib design provides an easy drive both on and off-road. The tire enables better directional stability due to its raised center rib. Furthermore, GREEN EX RIB3 has been released in the following sizes, 10.0/80-12, 10.5/80-18, and 11.00-20. These are bias tires built for implementation applications. Features include better roadability and higher productivity due to raised center ribs with optimum angle crisscross grooves. Extensive tire life is ensured due to strong casing with cut and wear-resistant compound for higher productivity. 


GRIP XLR ET 333 is a construction and industrial truck tire that comes in sizes 10.00-20 and 11.00-20. Features include robust tread design with centerline tie bar providing the ability to withstand rough applications. The strong nylon casing ensures superior tire life and the nondirectional tread provides optimized traction. The GRIP EX MP500 was released in new size 18-22.5. The tire has an extensive tire life due to its special tread compound, higher productivity as a result of the unique lug-block tread pattern, and better fuel economy due to the dual strip mud breaker at the shoulder and base. 



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