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Adjustable Damper Coilover Suspension Kit for Honda Civic

The pillow ball top mount design helps combat noise while tuning.

Sponsored by MaXpeedingRods

MaXpeedingRods has announced its most popular coilover suspension kit for Honda Civic models. Thanks to built-in adjustability, coilovers offer the ability to be shortened or lengthened – lowering or raising the ride height of your vehicle through manual adjustment without complex electronics or hydraulics. 

A coilover kit consists of a damper and a shock absorber with a coil spring around it, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable riding experience in all road conditions. MaXpeedingRods’ Honda coilover suspension kit features adjustable ride height and adjustable pre-load spring tension, as well as 24 levels of adjustable damper, which allows you the ability to perfectly dial in your coilover system. For nice, comfortable driving, set damping to full soft. For more spirited driving, set it to 16 clicks. For occasional track days, set it to full stiff. 

The pillow ball top mount design helps combat noise while tuning. It also improves the steering feel and response. Most of the coilover components are made from 6061 aluminum with T6 for increased hardness, strength and low weight.

This coilover kit also features a hi-tensile performance spring with spring distortion less than 0.04%. Plus, the special surface treatment improves durability and performance. All inserts come with fitted rubber boots to protect the damper and keep it clean.

MaXpeedingRods’ Honda coilover suspension kit is a fast and affordable way to easily upgrade your car’s appearance. Ideal for Honda Civic applications such as track, drift, fast road car or daily driver.

Jordan Lapelosa, the racer of the French Drift Championship (Championnat de France de Drift, CFD), secured his first place in 2020 CFD Round 1 with MaXpeedingRods Coilovers installed in his drift car.


Honda Civic ED EE EF SH ‘87-‘91

Honda CR-X ‘88-‘91

Honda Integra DA1 – DA9 ‘90-‘93

Honda Civic 5th Generation 1991-1995 EG3, EG4, EG5, EG6, EG7, EG8, EG9, EH1, EH2, EH3, EH9, EJ1, EJ2, EJ3, VX

Honda Integra 3rd Generation 1994–2001 DB6-DB9 DC1-DC2 DC4 DC2 Type R DB9 SJ EK3

​Honda Civic Del Sol ‘92-‘97

Honda Civic EK ‘96-‘00 CX DX EX EXR HX LX

Honda Civic EK2 EK3 EK4 EK5 EK9 EJ6 EJ7 EJ8 EJ9 EM1 1995-2000

90-01 Acura Integra Rear Coilover Suspension need spacers


Quantity: two-piece front + two-piece rear

Spring rate Front: 448lbs/in

Spring rate Rear: 280lbs/in

Adjustable Damper: 24 Ways adjustable damper force

Professional installation and alignment suggested. For more information:

This article was sponsored by MaXpeedingRods.