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MaXpeedingRods Celebrates 15 Years in Business

The performance parts company, established in 2006, reaches more than 4 million car enthusiasts across the globe.

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MaXpeedingRods, a manufacturer of performance parts such as connecting rods, crankshafts, turbochargers, and coilovers, is celebrating its 15-year anniversary in 2021. The performance parts company, established in 2006, reaches more than 4 million car enthusiasts across America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and other countries.

MaXpeedingRods was established with a devotion to the global tuning industry and racing culture with excellent products, services and prices. Since the birth of MaXpeedingRods, the company has achieved 200% sales growth annually.

That growth can be seen in the company’s new warehouses and branch offices all over the world. In fact, MaXpeedingRods now has more than 20 warehouses, and has expanded to North America, Europe, Oceania, and further across Asia.

In 2012, MaXpeedingRods started its research department, which has been dedicated to the academic research of modified car performance. The company has invested considerable manpower and material resources toward the continuous improvement of its automotive performance indices. Currently, the capacity of the manufacturing factory used by MaXpeedingRods is greater than 540,000 square feet.

Part of that research has resulted in the development of six new ECUs for many car models with the EA888 engine – most commonly seen in Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, and Skoda. Besides the EA888 engine, MaXpeedingRods also released ECUs for Toyota, Ford and Jeep models. 

Not only does MaXpeedingRods manufacture performance parts, but the company puts those parts to the test by sponsoring racers around the world, as well as running its own race team, established in 2019. 

MaXpeedingRodssponsored Jordan Lapelosa, the French Drift Championship (Championnat de France de Drift, CFD) driver, and he secured first place podium spot in the 2020 CFD with MaXpeedingrods Coilovers. For 2021, the company is sponsoring two British Drift Championship (BDC) drivers, Oliver Evans and Duane McKeever. Each driver will be utilizing MaXpeedingRods engine components suchas Crankshafts and Connecting Rods in their drift cars to showcase the quality of the products and what reasonably priced components are capable of. The BDC season kicks off on April 17. MaXpeedingRods’ research department learns from these racing sponsorships and its own race team to better its products.

“MaXpeedingrods values the performance of its parts in all practical applications,” the company said. “We have converted our research achievements into racing-specific and street-specific products. Our racing products draw on research to provide performance optimization solutions for professional and competitive drivers. In addition, the street products are aimed at the general public, providing high-quality and affordable modified car products and services.”

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