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Highlights From Rematec Asia’s First Edition In Guangzhou, China

Co-located with Automotive Aftermarket Guangzhou (AAG), Rematec Asia presented the opportunity for European, North American and South East Asian participants to get a first-hand look at remanufacturing companies in China and look for opportunities to enter the Chinese remanufacturing market.

CRP Industries Earns Best Reman Business Innovation Award For AAE Steering Systems Brand At ReMaTec 2019

CRP Industries was praised for its introduction of lean principles and semi-automation to its supply chain management at its North Carolina manufacturing facility.

10th Edition Of ReMaTec Takes Place In Amsterdam

The show’s opening ceremony announced the Remanufacturer of the Year Awards, which recognized the achievements of Knorr-Bremse, CRP Industries and Fernand Weiland (FJW Consulting).

ReMaTec2015 Visitor Registration Now Open

The show has changed its entrance policy, still allowing visitors to register for free, provided they do this prior to June 5, 2015.

Executive Interview: APRA’s Joe Kripli and ReMaTec Show Manager Niels Klarenbeek Discuss Big R/ReMaTec USA

Today, we share an article featuring Joe Kripli, chairman of the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA), and Niels Klarenbeek, ReMaTec show manager, discussing the ideas behind BigR/ReMaTecUSA, the new reman show in North America.