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Shop-Ware Partners with Telematics Provider Voyomotive

Through this integration, VOYO controllers provide access to embedded vehicle data not available from standard telematics systems.


Shop-Ware, the shop management system with an end-to-end digital customer experience, announced a new partnership with Voyomotive, provider of advanced telematics solutions for shops and fleets.

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In a first-of-its-kind integration, shops can now use VOYO cellular telematics controllers to ingest vehicle data remotely into their Shop-Ware system, including service-related PIDs, scan tool level diagnostics, and third-party predictive analytics, the companies say.

The VOYO controllers provide access to embedded vehicle data not available from standard telematics systems. When a condition requiring service occurs, a repair record is automatically created within Shop-Ware for approval by a manager. Service information and alerts include odometer value, low remaining oil life and “Check Engine Light” status. 

“We are proud to partner with Voyomotive to deliver a combined solution that is another big win for shops and their ability to collaborate with their customers,” says Carolyn Coquillette, founder & CEO of Shop-Ware. “VOYO’s integration is a key stepping stone in the service of connected cars and our mission to help aftermarket professionals remain competitive long into the future.”


Shop-Ware says it has evolved its customer focus even further this year by adding the immersive, interactive buying experience, DVX (Digital Vehicle Experience). Within the Shop-Ware platform, shop staff can use two-way texting or a live chat messenger to communicate with customers on the go. The release of the telematics integration, as well as several other notable feature enhancements, further revolutionizes the way that auto repair shops diagnose and repair vehicles.

“The benefits of greater connectivity have been demonstrated in many industries, but the goal of managing shops using real time, remote vehicle data has evaded the aftermarket service sector,” says Peter Yorke, co-founder and CEO of Voyomotive. “Our new partnership with Shop-Ware realizes the potential offered by telematics, including improved automation and supply chain management, lower operating costs and increased shop revenue.”




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