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Don’t Be Quint: Embrace ADAS And Modern Vehicle Equipment

We can avoid a fate similar to Quint’s in the movie Jaws if we embrace ADAS, technology and training.

Is Anger Why We’re ‘Covid Driving?’

If we all don’t slow down, we’re all going to get somewhere fast all right — a grave.

Business Lessons From James Bond

Even though Bond is a fictional character, we can all learn a lot from him, both personally and professionally.

Traits Of A Successful Leader

Solid advice to keep in mind from successful business leaders like Warren Buffett and Jim Loehr.

The Tech Shortage: Understanding Career Choices

WIN and BodyShop Business survey tries to get to the root of young people’s feelings about a career in collision.

Guest Commentary: Pokémon GO – A Boon to the Auto Body Industry?

There I was, at my favorite park, pedaling off some after-work stress on my bike. And there they were: zombies. All the nerds’ and wackos’ prophecies came true after all. Everyone had turned into stiff-legged, drooling, lobotomized, catatonic automatons, arms outstretched and searching for brains. But I noticed something peculiar. …

NACE | CARS Improves Over 2014, Eyes Bigger Growth For Anaheim In 2016

In Detroit this year, there were many co-located events held by CIC, MERA, CCIF, SCRS, CREF and other associations and organizations, and that will continue in 2016.

ASA President and Executive Director Welcomes NACE | CARS Attendees Back To Detroit

ASA’s President and Executive Director Dan Risley reported the show had 40 percent growth in 2014, and it is on the upswing again in 2015 with 20 percent growth.

Guest Commentary: Look, Ma, No Hands! 

I’ve loved the cars I’ve owned, and I’ve always loved driving, preferring to be the one behind the wheel instead of a passenger. So when I first read about driverless cars, I was appalled. I thought, “The day you get my steering wheel is when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!” The things that America stands for, democracy and freedom, are symbolized in part by that steering wheel and those four wheels and the wide open road.

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Executive Interview: David Brunori, President, Quest Automotive Products

AMN’s sister publication, BodyShop Business recently spoke with David Brunori, president of Quest Automotive Products (QAP), about some of the activities the company has undertaken in the year and a half that has passed since it acquired U.S. Chemical in June 2013. In the discussion, Brunori talked about how QAP is positioning itself in the

Guest Commentary: Can We Sustain?

An AkzoNobel press conference relayed to me that businesses are extracting more from the environment than they’re putting back into it. What are you doing to minimize your eco footprint?

Executive Interview: David Brunori, Matrix System Automotive Refinishes

Brunori discusses Matrix System’s 30th anniversary, the secret to its success and plans for the future.