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Omnicraft Showcases New Parts, NASCAR Sponsorship, Fresh Ad Campaign In 2018

Ford’s line of replacement parts for non-Ford vehicles is launching 17 additional product lines this year.


Since its January 2017 launch, Omnicraft – Ford’s line of replacement parts for non-Ford vehicles – has introduced more than 2,500 parts numbers, sponsored the Wood Brothers’ No. 21 NASCAR Ford Fusion race car twice, and gained recognition from Ford dealers, Ford authorized distributors and independent repair shops.  


To maintain momentum in its second year, Omnicraft is expanding its parts lineup, sponsoring the iconic No. 21 race car with Paul Menard at the wheel in the Daytona 500 this coming Sunday, and is launching a comprehensive ad campaign focused on product quality and the confidence it now inspires among professional auto technicians.  

“Our Ford dealers and Ford authorized distributors have now experienced the benefits of being able to offer all-makes parts backed by Ford,” said Frederiek Toney, president, Ford global customer service. “They appreciate the quality, the fit and the price, and we’re looking forward to expanding the product line even more in the coming years.”


At launch, Omnicraft offered 1,500 of the most common maintenance and light-repair parts including oil filters, brakes and loaded struts. The line recently added spark plugs, tire pressure monitoring system sensors, air conditioning condensers, compressors, accumulators and brake master cylinders. Omnicraft is launching 17 additional product lines this year.  

Omnicraft is helping many Ford dealers revitalize and grow their parts and service business.

“Omnicraft plays very well into our business model,” said Kevin Locke, parts director, New Holland Automotive Group. “We have a very large service center, and we recondition hundreds of used cars each month. Omnicraft fits into our wholesale operation, especially helping us fulfill orders through our parts express delivery service.”