The Group's Pavey: Collaboration is our Foundation

The Group’s Pavey: Collaboration is our Foundation

Larry Pavey, CEO of The Group, highlights how positive outcomes can happen through collaboration in the supply chain.

Larry Pavey, CEO of the Automotive Parts Services Group, describes how collaboration can provide positive outcomes for the auto parts supply chain. Pavey’s response to our Mid-Year Distribution Update is below. Read the full section in our July issue.

At the Automotive Parts Services Group (APSG), collaboration is the foundation of everything we do. By bringing together the various program groups, we are able to work together to identify and implement best practices that support APSG members’ needs and help them succeed.

While serving members’ needs is the primary mission of APSG, collaboration is a large part of that charge. We work with supplier partners to promote their name brands, make available their premium products and provide value-added services. This joint effort is part of what differentiates APSG members from the competition and strengthens the partnerships we have with the professional service providers we serve.

In fact, collaboration throughout the supply chain can result in many positive outcomes for our industry. For example, working together with supplier partners, member distributors and professional service providers to support efforts such as Right to Repair legislation is important to every segment of our industry as well as the motoring public by ensuring ready access to repair information.

Collaborating to provide access to training and technical information required to service and repair new technologies is essential for our industry, as vehicle systems are evolving at a faster pace than ever before. As we move toward more electrification and zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) options, the availability of quality parts and a knowledgeable, trained and well-equipped professional service network becomes more critical. Addressing the technician shortage and working with industry associations on communications and image enhancement, as well as education initiatives that strengthen our industry, can be achieved more effectively through increased collaboration.

Collaboration has historically been a foundation of our industry. Warehouse distributors have always worked together with supplier partners to provide the parts and services required to keep American motorists on the road and help ensure that our country has the most efficient, cost-effective vehicle parc in the world.

Going forward, we must accentuate and accelerate our efforts to make sure that motorists continue to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that vehicles provide. We must focus on affordable and sustainable vehicles that provide each vehicle owner with transportation that meets their needs. Our industry is a symbol of the collaboration required to allow millions of people to go to work, support their families and enjoy the freedom that our nation was built upon. Working together, we can continue to carry on this tradition well into the future.

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