Jim Franco's Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Jim Franco’s Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Discover what Franco learned from his earliest role models, the keys to growing his auto parts business, and how he remains invigorated about the industry and his business today.

Jim Franco, owner, president and CEO of Autologue Computer Systems, knows a thing or two about creating a successful business. In fact, he entered the workforce at age 11, making money mowing lawns, washing windows and delivering newspapers. By age 18, he acquired an auto parts store and grew his auto parts business into a multi-million dollar organization in the 60s and 70s. By the 80s, he entered the software business, and bought Autologue, growing it in step with the industry’s needs.

Now as an octogenarian with 64-plus years in the automotive aftermarket, Franco has teamed up with us at aftermarketNews to launch Connections with Jim Franco, presented by Autologue, a monthly video series in which Franco shares his journey in the aftermarket, his business and life philosophies and his outlook on what to expect from the aftermarket in the future.

In this first episode, discover what Franco learned from his parents, his earliest role models, about business, the keys to growing his auto parts business, his interest in software and how he remains invigorated about the industry and his business today.

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