Geotab's Connected Vehicle Data Subscriptions Grow to 4M

Geotab’s Connected Vehicle Data Subscriptions Grow to 4M

Geotab's insights have impacted the performance of a wide range of fleets at various levels, the company said.

Geotab announced that it has surpassed 4 million subscriptions worldwide, highlighting the increasing demand for data intelligence and advanced decision-making in the evolving transportation sector. Geotab’s insights have impacted performance, safety and sustainability for a wide range of fleets, including small businesses, large corporations and government entities at various levels.

The company, with a history spanning 23 years, reached 3 million subscriptions in 2022. In a little over a year, it added another million subscriptions in 2023. Geotab said it attributes this growth to its ecosystem of over 700 partners, continuous innovation and collaboration in emerging areas like AI development.

“Twenty-three years ago, we were a company of two operating out of the basement of my home. Now, as I reflect on our incredible journey and remarkable growth in the last 15 months, it’s clear that the potential we saw in this industry many years ago has been proven out,” said CEO Neil Cawse.

Cawse further elaborated on the impact of reaching 3 million subscriptions last year.

“Since we reached 3 million subscriptions last August, Geotab-connected vehicles have traveled more than 89 billion kilometers; that’s about 594 trips to the sun. Because of this, we are able to deliver more impactful insights to our customers. We’re informing them when an engine may fail before it fails or the likelihood of a collision. We are incorporating generative AI to reduce time to insight. Through these innovations, we are driving better business decisions and more meaningful outcomes,” he added.

As the number of Geotab-connected vehicles increases, encompassing a diverse range of makes, models and industry sectors, the company continues to analyze a growing volume of data. This expansion enhances the company’s ability to benchmark with greater accuracy and develop improved machine learning (ML) models, offering customers enhanced predictive analytics and industry benchmarking. This advancement in AI and ML technologies allows customers to gain more value from their investments in connected transportation, Geotab said.

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