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Automotive Aftermarket Service and Repair Launches New Branding

The relaunch includes new course offerings, an interactive website, social media and the new UpShift Consulting Team.


From Tire Review

Advertisement Inc. has expanded its service offerings and partnership opportunities to include training, consulting and certifications for the auto industry. This expansion builds off AskPatty’s “Certified Female Friendly” program that has been offered for over a decade. The relaunch includes new course offerings, a streamlined and interactive website, new social media and the addition of the UpShift Consulting Team.

The new brand image for AskPatty moves away from the traditional pink and purple colors and no longer includes the Patty mascot.

“Our iconic mascot ‘Patty’ has been retired,” said Jody DeVere, CEO. “When we launched, we really needed an instantly recognizable face for the company, and Patty was the product of a long design process with many iterations. Today, however, the art style was beginning to look a little dated, and we felt that, rather than try to redesign her, it was better to completely rethink our visual identity.”


AskPatty says new product offerings include UpShift, a suite of training and certifications. The UpShift program expands beyond female-friendly to encompass current hot topics such as diversity, culture and inclusion, the company says. The program is comprised of a series of 12 unique modules delivered by a panel of experts in their fields. Training is offered live, in an interactive Zoom setting or via pre-recorded video modules. These new courses span three topics: leadership, with a focus on management skills; workforce, with a focus on employee attraction, hiring and retention; and culture, which focuses on business culture topics including diversity, equity and inclusion.


The original Certified Female Friendly program remains on offer, with a revamped training sequence. In addition to these courses and certifications, AskPatty and the UpShift panel also offer customized consultation packages on a variety of topics, the company says.



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