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Arch Auto Parts New Bronx Location

The store’s grand opening earlier this month received a warm community welcome from the culturally diverse neighborhood.


Arch Auto Parts, New York’s Neighborhood Auto Parts supplier in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Nassau County, has announced the opening of its 17th location at 2371 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, NY.  

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Describing itself as “New York’s Neighborhood Auto Parts store,” Arch remains locally owned and operated. The company has been able to expand and thrive in the culturally distinct communities of Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, and now a second location in the Bronx.

Arch Auto Parts has been a local favorite for auto parts for more than 42 years. Arch not only knows about each community it serves, but the stores have also become a fundamental part of the community. Moe Ali, senior vice president of sales, explained, “In New York’s boroughs traveling half a mile can feel like traveling to a different country. The language, music and popular foods might be completely different from one neighborhood to the next. What doesn’t change is that customers want an auto parts store they can trust for high-quality auto parts at discount prices, and counter staff to help them quickly get the right parts for their cars.”

“The important factor to being ‘New York’s Neighborhood Auto Parts Store’ is in earning community trust by operating locally from CEO to counter staff,” said CEO Chris Bodh, who has lived in Queens for more than 45 years.  “Our staff are the neighbors of the customers we serve. We’re like one big family.”

Arch offers a large array of OEM parts as well as aftermarket brands allowing professional installers and retail customers a choice. With the support from the communities Arch currently serves, Arch has immediate plans for continued expansion in the boroughs of New York City.   



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