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AMN ON LOCATION: Taiwanese Aftermarket Manufacturers Have Sights Set On U.S.

Counterman Editor Mark Phillips, who also serves as managing editor of aftermarketNews, is on location at the TAIPEI AMPA Show this week. Today, we present the second in his series of reports from Taiwan.


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Day three at the combined 2013 Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories Show (TAIPEI AMPA) and Taipei International Automobile Electronics Show (AutoTronics Taipei) saw a noticeable increase in attendance over the previous two days.
This year’s expanded show is already testing the limits of the NANGANG Exhibition Hall, where the event is taking place, so much so that show organizer Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is looking forward to the completion of an additional exhibition hall just across the street. That building is expected to be complete in 2016.
The companies doing business here know that the limited size of the Taiwan vehicle parc means they must seek buyers across the world in order to grow. And, many of the companies exhibiting here have their sights set squarely on the United States. They say it in nearly every visit to a booth here. Dr. Chih-Kang Wang, chairman of TAITRA, said the show is trying to capitalize on the opportunities outside Taiwan.
"TAITRA’s 57 overseas offices and the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ overseas representatives have been working actively to encourage overseas buyers to visit Taiwan to attend the exhibitions," he said. Buyers from 30 countries are present at the show.
AMPA and AutoTronics place much emphasis on innovation, especially in the electronics sector. The Taiwan Electrical and Electronics Association says the bulk of innovation in the automotive sector, about 80 percent, comes from electronics. The organization says the global automotive electronics market last year was valued at $191 billion. They say that figure is expected to grow by 7.5 percent this year.
Many of the companies that won 2013 AMPA Innovation Awards sought to improve on existing product categories or create new ones altogether. For example, Holux Technology created its Hypo-Vigilance/Fatigue Detector DFD-100B. The device is loosely attached to a driver’s clothes and alerts them within three to five minutes of when the driver could potentially fall asleep. It measures the heart rate without touching the skin. The company received approval by the FCC in the United States. Already in South America, the device is being tested for fleet applications.
ATBS Technology Co. received a 2013 AMPA Innovation award for its OBD2TPMS. It’s an aftermarket system that replaces the valve caps on TPMS sensors with a sensor and transmitter that weighs so little, the wheels don’t require rebalancing. The sensors can transmit vital information about the TPMS sensors to any smartphone. The system includes four sensors for a car or truck but also can be used on a two-wheel or three-wheel motorcycle.
Whetron Electronics developed its Forward Safety Warning System, which is a single piece of hardware that integrates lane departure warning, forward collision warning and drive warning functions. The system is for both OE and aftermarket use.
Mobiletron Electronics produces an economic, high-sensitivity, anti-glare night vision camera. While many luxury vehicles include such a device, Mobiletron has significantly lowered the price to where the average consumer would be able to afford it. The company has warehouses in California and Alabama.
Twelve Taipei AMPA innovation awards were announced. (A previous story didn’t include the auto electronics finished products category. The complete list appears here.)
In the auto parts segment, recipients were: TYC Brother Industries Co. Ltd. for its adaptive front lighting (AFS) headlamp. The company also won another award for its full LED tail lamp. In addition, Nankang Rubber Tire Corp. received an award for its ECO-2 tire.
AMPA also awarded several companies in "accessories." Those were:
*Zung Sung Enterprise Co. Ltd for its non-polar jump starter
*ATBS Technology Co. Ltd for its iOBD2 TPMS
*Whetron Electronics Co. Ltd for its forward safety warning system
*Cub Elecparts Inc. for it TMPS system
*Red Heart Enterprise Co. for its common vehicle Seat Slider Rail
In the auto electronics finished products category, the winners were:
*E-Lead Electronic Co. for its car navigation with flat surface (EL-918C)
*Holux Technology for its Hypo-Vigilance/Fatigue Detector DFD-100B
*Jet Optoelectronics Co. for its car entertainment system
*Mobiletron Electronics for its economy, high-sensitivity, anti-glare night vision camera.

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