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Tenneco Supplies Monroe Intelligent Suspension On New Renault Espace


BRUSSELS, Belgium – Tenneco announced that Renault has chosen the latest generation of Tenneco’s Continuously Variable Semi-Active suspension system (CVSAe) for the new Espace, which recently made its debut at the Paris Motor Show.


According to Renault, the new Espace explores a new dimension of driving enjoyment. “It is a wholly immersive experience, giving rise to more sensations and putting the choice of emotions in the hands of the driver.”

This concept of driving pleasure is supported by a new Renault technology called Multi-Sense, a device that controls and coordinates the input of the technologies installed in the new Espace. Multi-Sense manages the 4Control chassis electronic damper control system, which commands the CVSAe dampers. According to Tenneco, these enhance the comfort and handling of a vehicle’s ride by continuously adjusting all four shock absorbers up to 100 times per second to changing road conditions and dynamic driving situations like cornering, lane changes, acceleration and braking. CVSAe dampers can be switched from standard to sport or comfort mode at any time according to driver preferences for a more comfortable, more dynamic or more sporty ride.


CVSA technology is in production on 37 vehicle models. Applications for nine new vehicle models are currently under development.



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