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Overheard: Auto Parts Production Update

The Industrial Production of Auto Parts and Allied Goods was down for the fourth month in a row, at 109.39 in August 2022.

Overheard: E-Commerce as a Percentage of Sales Ticks Upward

Ever since the lockdowns, e-commerce has been far above the long-term trend.

Overheard: August Light Vehicle Sales Drop

This is the fifth month in a row that the total came in at less than 14 million.

Overheard: VMT Took a Dip in June

When measured by the 12-month moving average of VMT, June’s numbers were down 0.2% compared to May.

Overheard: Consumers Are Spending On Their Current Cars

According to the Census Bureau, spending at auto parts, accessory and tire stores in June was up 11.1% over June 2021.

Overheard: Used Vehicle Index Updates

The Mannheim Used Vehicle Value Index declined by 0.1% from June to July.

Overheard: Are Rising Diesel Prices Slowing?

Despite dropping in recent weeks, diesel is still up 68% over the past 12 months.

Overheard: What are Repair Shops Keeping in Stock?

Engine oil, antifreeze and oil filters were among the most common products kept in stock.

Overheard: Fewer Dealerships Had On-Site Body Shops in 2021

In 2021, 35.7% of new car dealerships operated an on-site body shop, according to NADA.

Overheard: Independent Repair Shops Hold Most Marketshare

The Auto Care Association/AASA Joint Channel Forecast shares the forecast for 2023 as well.

Overheard: 78% Of Americans Confirm Gas Prices Impact Driving

Hankook Tire Gauge Index takes a closer look at the effects of current economic environment on when and why Americans drive.

Overheard: Another Way to Measure Effects of the Chip Shortage

Another way to measure effects of the chip shortage and supply-chain issues is to look at the Inventory to Sales ratio.