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Overheard: Diesel in Distress

The price of diesel fuel hit records in many parts of the country this week.

Overheard: The Most Expensive Car to Fill up

And you thought that 11-year-old SUV you own was causing the most pain at the pump … Wrong.

Overheard: Drivers Will Pay More for Safety Perks

More than 70% of drivers will pay more for cars with top safety features, according to a survey from Rocket Auto.

Overheard: Supply Struggles Impacting Vehicle Sales

In March 2022, auto and light truck sales dropped to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 13.3 million.

Overheard: Fewer Miles Driven, Less Collision Repair Work?

Data from a number of states that have already reported their 2021 total crashes shows there is a correlation.

Overheard: The Jobs Market Picture

The sharp plunge in openings during the 2020 lockdown was quickly reversed, and so far there has been no falloff.

Overheard: Current Gas Price Spike Won’t Hurt VMT

Only when it looks to be permanent will consumers start to change their behavior.

Overheard: VMT in 2021 Finishes Strong

VMT in December 2021 was up by 11.2% over 2020.

Overheard: Supply Chain Issues at the Body Shop

Twenty-two percent of collision shops say they are having lots of problems finding what they need.

Overheard: Gas Prices Climb Again

After dropping for a couple of weeks, the price of gasoline has resumed its climb.

Overheard: Parts Sales Remained Strong During Pandemic

Except for March and April of 2020, during the lockdown, sales have been strong.

Overheard: How Many IRFs Sell Tires?

The 2021 ShopOwner Industry Profile knows the answer.