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Volvo Venture Capital Invests in Autonomous Trucking Tech

Waabi is developing next-generation artificial intelligence technology to solve autonomy at scale.

TuSimple Operates Fully Autonomous Semi on Open Public Roads

Specially upfitted Class 8 semi-truck successfully navigated 80 miles without a human in the vehicle.

PACCAR, Aurora, FedEx Launch Autonomous Truck Pilot Project

The trucks will operate autonomously, with a backup driver for additional safety.

Embark Testing Cummins’ ADS Powertrain Control

The collaboration accelerates the integration of next-generation truck components and controls in self-driving trucks.

Bridgestone Invests In Autonomous Trucking Tech Company

Kodiak Robotics develops and deploys long-haul shipping trucks with level 4 autonomy.

Scania To Test Self-Driving Trucks In Motorway Traffic

Hub2hub transportation, driving on motorways between reloading centers, may be first viable use of self-driving trucks.

Goodyear Ventures Invests In Autonomous Trucking Company

TuSimple operates self-driving trucks out of its facilities in Arizona, Texas, China, Japan and Europe.

U.S. Xpress Invests In Autonomous Trucking Technology

U.S. Xpress President & CEO Eric Fuller also joins TuSimple’s executive advisory board.

With Commercial Traffic Increasing, Germans Say They Would Feel Safer With Autonomous Self-Driving Trucks On The Road

Automated trucks on the road: more than one in three German respondents have no preference for a human over a machine, according to recent Bosch survey.