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U.S. Xpress Invests In Autonomous Trucking Technology

U.S. Xpress President & CEO Eric Fuller also joins TuSimple’s executive advisory board.


U.S. Express Enterprises has announced an investment in TuSimple, a self-driving technology company bringing to market an autonomous solution for long-haul freight transportation. In addition to a significant financial investment, U.S. Xpress is actively testing the technology on select shipping lanes and President & CEO Eric Fuller has joined TuSimple’s executive advisory board.


“We’re passionate about finding innovative solutions to industry challenges and investing now will give us a clear advantage when this technology matures in the years to come,” said Fuller. “Additionally, the Executive Advisory Board is bringing together market-specific insight from across the industry to help drive the development and adoption of this important technology.”

U.S. Xpress has been working with TuSimple since 2019 and has recently begun testing the autonomous technology on select lanes for some of its major customers. From this testing, TuSimple can gather vital information and benchmark safety and efficiency standards which will help bring the technology to market safely and reliably.


“U.S. Xpress has been a valuable partner in the testing of our autonomous technology and Eric will continue to provide expert guidance in helping drive the adoption of autonomous trucks as a member of our Executive Advisory Board,” said Cheng Lu, CEO, TuSimple.

Although the industry will always have a need for professional drivers, shortages caused by reduced CDL school graduates and the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse is impacting the industry in both the near- and long-term, the company says. (For more on this, see the company’s recent economic forecast). Autonomous trucks will give U.S. Xpress additional options for its shippers and fold into a robust portfolio of solutions.


Last year, the company introduced its tech-enabled fleet, Variant, and in coming months, will be rolling out a new brokerage offering. U.S. Xpress remains focused on transforming from a traditional trucking company to a true digital transportation solutions provider and this TuSimple partnership is another example of the company’s innovation.