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Indian Automotive Component Industry Grows 33% in FY ’22-23

Vehicle sales, a robust aftermarket and steady exports gave the Indian auto component industry its best performance in FY23.

S&P Global Mobility Report: Aftermarket May See Boom

The share of vehicles more than eight years old will increase, the report says, signaling increased aftermarket business.

Why OE Spark Plugs May Not Always Be the Best Option

The plug-in-the-hole method of spark plug replacement is dependable, but does that mean it’s the best choice for today’s vehicles? When it comes to replacing spark plugs, many follow the conventional wisdom which dictates they would choose the same type of plug that came with the vehicle – or at least the same as the

Takeaway: Ready For The Next Chapter

I think everyone’s concept of time has been tested so far this year, and it’s challenged us in many ways.

Auto Care Association Launches Aftermarket Events Calendar

Industry professionals now will have a comprehensive overview of industry events taking place throughout the year and several years in advance, enabling better and more proactive planning for their businesses and employees.

O’Reilly Automotive Announces Additional $1 Billion Share-Repurchase Authorization

The additional $1 billion authorization is effective for a three-year period, beginning on May 31, according to the company.

New ATE MK60 Hydraulic Control Unit Available As Original Part For Aftermarket Replacement

The ATE MK60 provides precise braking by repeatedly lowering and raising the brake pressure to increase driving safety and reduce overall wear.

US Aftermarket To Grow At Annual Rate Of 3.4 Percent Through 2021

The 2018 Joint Channel Forecast Model predicts that total aftermarket sales will grow from $286 billion in 2017 to $327 billion in 2021, an increase of nearly $41 billion over the four-year period.

Eaton Announces Availability Of Aftermarket Automotive Fuses

Eaton’s new Bussmann series automotive fuses enable warehouse distributors and jobbers to access fuses that were, up until now, primarily available only through dealerships and online parts websites, says the company.

Macro Trends, Mother Nature And Other Factors Shake The US Automotive Aftermarket Industry In 2017

According to The NPD Group, growth was driven by a 3.3 percent increase in average selling price, as unit sales declined by 1.1 percent.

eBay Partners With Openbay To Expand Automotive Parts Sales To Aftermarket Industry

Powered by eBay Motors, businesses can research, source and acquire automotive parts directly through the Openbay dashboard.

ACDelco Adds Lighting Wiring Harnesses For Millions Of GM Vehicles To Its Aftermarket Portfolio

The tail lamp and headlamp harnesses cover 377 different product applications. The vehicle population includes millions of cars, crossovers and trucks.