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Swapalease Ranks Top Leased Vehicles For Summer

Swapalease said it regularly sees more car shoppers looking for summertime rides as soon as daylight savings approaches.

Advertisement, the nation’s largest car-lease marketplace, recently announced its selections for the top vehicles for the summer.

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Swapalease collected data from users in top markets on which vehicles they prefer to lease for the summer months based on their location. There has been an increase in users searching for a variety of leases as the summer months approach, according to Swapalease.

The top vehicles for summer road trips as voted on by Swapalease users are as follows:

  • New York City – Swapalease users in New York City voted that the Lincoln Nautilus was their choice for top summer vehicle. The Nautilus is versatile enough to handle the winter terrain, yet offers comfortable amenities and a panoramic roof that make it suitable for summer in the city.
  • Los Angeles – Los Angeles users said the BMW 330i is the ideal vehicle for the summer season in California. Users noted that the vehicle has upgraded technology features, making it easy for a “smooth and reliable ride.”
  • Chicago – The Volkswagen Jetta was selected by Chicago users for its sleek and balanced design, as well as turbocharged engine performance. 
  • Houston ­– Swapalease users in Houston voted that the GMC Sierra was their vehicle of choice for the summer season due to the quick load-and-unload tailgate options, making for less time spent unnecessarily in the heat. The Sierra is known for its technologies to improve trailering and long-distance travel.
  • Phoenix – Phoenix users selected the Jeep Compass as their vehicle of choice for a summer vehicle.  The Jeep is ideal for the seasonal outdoor activities that Phoenix has to offer.
  • Jacksonville, FloridaJacksonville users selected the Toyota Camry as their vehicle of choice for a summer vehicle that suits the Florida beach lifestyle. The Camry boasts a “piece-of-mind” guarantee for drivers, and comes with a five-star safety rating. said it regularly sees more car shoppers looking for summertime rides as soon as daylight savings approaches, and with more people amenable to shorter-term driving needs, they enjoy a more seasonal aspect of car shopping that’s also friendly on their wallet.


“We’re seeing an increase in customers searching for their ideal summertime lease as we hit the spring season,” said Scot Hall, executive vice president of operations at “Shoppers are looking for vehicles they know will benefit them most during the summer months, but may also carry them into the fall.”