Overheard: Retaining Happy, Talented Employees

Overheard: Retaining Happy, Talented Employees

Providing cross-training and cross-experience to employees in order to satisfy that need for something new is key today.

Following the Great Recession and now a global pandemic, futurists are anticipating significant turnover in the labor market. What can smart employers do to ensure they retain their best and brightest? According to Joyce Gioia of Herman Trend Alert, there are several specific actions to take, including delegating more, offer opportunity for recognition both large and small, and perhaps most importantly at this moment, providing cross-training and cross-experience to employees in order to satisfy that need for something new.

According to a survey from Gloat, a talent management platform, almost half (47 percent) of the employees surveyed wanted their companies to gain better visibility of their skills, and more than 43 percent desired opportunities to work on projects outside of their job description.

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