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New Leadership, Enhanced Operations Drive New Levels Of Performance At Maaco

For entrepreneurs and investors looking for a turnkey, high-potential business with consistent demand, a strong national brand and an excellent operations model, all backed by strategic corporate support, Maaco believes it offers an ideal opportunity for potential business owners.


For entrepreneurs and investors looking for a turnkey, high-potential business with consistent demand, a strong national brand and an excellent operations model, all backed by strategic corporate support, Maaco believes it offers an ideal opportunity for potential business owners.


Maaco begins its 47th year with new leadership, a renewed focus on customer service, a new platform for operational excellence and an aggressive growth plan. With these strategic enhancements, Maaco said it has seen improvements in performance across the North American network, with even stronger potential for growth in 2019. Maaco is a member of the Driven Brands family – North America’s leading automotive aftermarket brand franchisor.

Bob Benjamin, Maaco President

“Maaco is well positioned with a unique business model for the automotive paint and collision repair industry. The combination of consumer-paid painting and collision repair work, insurance repairs and fleet business results in a high-margin, always in demand business,” said Bob Benjamin, president of Maaco. “We have reinvented Maaco over the past year to drive operational improvements, expand our insurance relationships and enhance our profitability model, all behind a renewed focus on the customer experience. This makes Maaco an even better investment for someone who wants a community-based business that generates strong revenue, is backed by a well-known national brand, has deep corporate resources and experience in operations, purchasing and marketing, and a long history of success.”

Benjamin, a retired U.S. Army Colonel, has brought his military experience and years of collision repair industry leadership to bear in shaping the revamped Maaco. Below, he outlines five key benefits of the Maaco model for an investor, an entrepreneur looking for a new business or an automotive professional who is ready to own their own repair facility.     


A 47-year-old proven playbook. Maaco provides the process and operational support that comes with 47 years of success in the automotive service industry. Over its history, Maaco has turned thousands of entrepreneurs and automotive professionals into independent business owners, many with multiple franchises. An average certified center will see sales volumes over $1.13 million*, pulling a net income over $200,000*.  The power of the Maaco model is that no automotive experience is needed to own and manage a Maaco franchise – the Maaco team provides the guidance necessary to succeed in the Maaco network.

“Maaco provides you the training and the benchmarks to guide your success” said Stan Piernick, 2018 Maaco Rookie of the Year award winner, who owns a Maaco center in New Braunfels, Texas. “When people ask how I won Rookie of the Year, I have to say all I did was follow the playbook and embrace the online training Maaco University offers not only operators but employees as well.”


The Maaco brand has a 94 percent brand recognition among consumers. With a North American footprint consisting of more than 500 locations, the Maaco brand has almost 50 percent market share and no national competition for its niche in the marketplace. Known as “North America’s body shop”, it’s “Uh-Oh, Better Get Maaco” tagline is one of the longest-lasting and most memorable among consumers.

As a Maaco owner for more than 30 years, Brian Greenley of Littleton, Colorado, said he has personally seen the growth and the benefits of the Maaco brand.          

“It is great being part of such an iconic brand,” said Greenley. “Customers want to do business with brands they recognize, and it gives them confidence when they deal with a company that has been around for more than 40 years.”


Recession-resistant business. The Maaco business model has a diverse customer base bringing revenue opportunities from consumer-paid work for cosmetic painting and collision repair, insurance paid collision repair as well as revenue from national fleet contract work, provided through Maaco’s participation in the Driven Fleet program. This provides a consistent flow of business. In addition, Maaco national and local marketing efforts reach consumers around the country to drive demand to the repair locations.

“The Driven Fleet program helps to provide additional revenue for my business,” said Ron Raio, who has been a Maaco franchise owner in Delran, New Jersey, for 18 years. “Also, another thing that attracted me to the business was the high dollar value sale. The average repair is $1,000, therefore the potential for revenue is much higher than if you are selling an $8 sandwich.”


Exceptional Training and Support: Maaco introduced a new Maaco University in 2018 to accelerate the training and support for franchise owners and their staff. The online training program offers video coursework on standard repair procedures, customer service, shop operations and more. In addition, the Maaco field support staff and the Maaco vendor partners provide hands-on training and support throughout North America.

“Maaco training for new owners consists of three weeks of hands-on training in Charlotte, North Carolina, to enhance skills in the areas of sales, management, production and customer service procedures, followed by three weeks of onsite training,” said Piernick. “Through Maaco University, not only do Maaco franchisees have access to over 2,000 hours of online training and benefit from a Maaco franchise system that helps manage KPIs, inventory and payroll, but our employees receive training in repair procedures and best practices, too.”


Katie Inge, the Maaco Rookie of Year winner in 2017, seconds the value of Maaco training and operations support.  

“I speak with my Operations Support person once a week,” said Inge, co-owner with her father Jake, of a Maaco in Chesapeake, Virginia. “They are always accessible and provide me with new financial metrics and dashboards to help me run the business. My employees also take classes on repair procedures. The online training makes it convenient and efficient to keep them up to date on the latest repair standards.”

Work-life balance. With a business model that typically operates Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with limited Saturday operations, Maaco franchisees enjoy the benefits of being an independent business owner while still maintaining time for family and other endeavors.


“I like the fact that this is one of the few franchise opportunities that does not require the extended hours of operations nights and weekends,” said Raio. “If you follow the Maaco playbook for success, you can manage your business effectively and still have a great work/life balance.”

Benjamin adds that there are tremendous opportunities for new Maaco facilities across North America.

“While we have more than 500 locations today, there are many cities and growing suburbs that are ideal for a Maaco facility,” said Benjamin. “Our Driven Brands development team has a strategic real estate development model that helps evaluate the best locations for new Maaco facilities based on local growth, economic development, area demographics, local transportation trends and more. This helps ensure our Maaco franchisees are located in the best area to drive traffic to their door and set the foundation for their success.”



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