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New Engineering Jobs to Support Toyota’s Electric Future

Toyota says 220 new jobs will prepare North American Operations for advanced electric production.


Toyota Motor North America (Toyota) announced today that it is boosting engineering support across its North American operations as plans to advance electrified vehicle production kick into high gear. Specifically, the company will add 220 new positions to Toyota’s Production Engineering Division, which serves as the go-between for design and manufacturing. The additional support will increase Toyota’s capacity to use innovative engineering technology to design and build manufacturing plants, equipment and processes across its operations.  

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“As we ramp up our plans for additional electrified products in North America, we must have the resources and talent in place to lead that transformation,” said Brian Krinock, senior vice president, vehicle plants, Toyota. “Our engineering team is working tirelessly on industry-leading production processes and technologies that help reduce carbon emissions while assembling world-class carbon-neutral vehicles, all with safety and quality in mind.”

Toyota’s Production Engineering and Manufacturing Center, located in Georgetown, Kentucky, is the headquarters for Production Engineering and is currently home to nearly 800 engineers. The company’s production engineering division employs more than 1,800 spread across its North American facilities, all dedicated to maintaining Toyota’s position as a leader in safety, quality, productivity, efficiency and environmental sustainability through collaboration, innovation and education. The new jobs will be located in Georgetown and across Toyota’s other manufacturing facilities in North America.



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